ART:CAST #82 by Curses

These times are a curse, but having Berliner by choice Curses mixing and compiling the latest art:cast though is a blessing. Ombra International label head is commonly known for blending New Wave and Post-Punk with hunting vocals and guitar riffs as well as maintaining a (dark) Disco vibe. With releases on Jennifer Cardini’s Dischi Autunno, Bordello A Parigi or Throne Of Blood Curses can definitely be called and seen as the ambassador of the new Dark Disco musical movement that’s gaining more and more recognition. Still the originally from New York originating artist has managed to spoil his audience with quality releases and avoided to jump on the money train. Selective collaborations with Perel, Jennifer Cardini, Chinaski or Terr to name a few, approve the artist’s discernment to create musical greatness with finesse. Curses art:cast depicts all of the aforementioned as he comes in with an almost 70 minute lasting piece that takes you criss-cross through his world – partly a bit more disco then again darker and new-wav-ish but always Curses. Luca’s, the musician’s real name, art:cast exceed all expectations for a simple reason: as a close follower of his art you might know what’ll follow, but you do not know how.


  1. Borghesia ‘Ogolelo Mesto’
  2. Francisco & Cosmo ‘Hey’
  3. Pete Shelley ‘Witness The Change (Dub Version)’
  4. Chinaski & Curses ‘Forever (Dub)’
  5. Vicky Montefusco ‘La Resistance (Original Mix)’
  6. Mr. Tea ‘The Establishment’
  7. Javier Busto ‘Acid Drop (James Rod Cosmic Remix)’
  8. Rubin ‘Avalanche (Curses Dub)’
  9. Jennifer Touch ‘Attic’
  10. Franz Scala ‘Grauzone (Extended Version)’
  11. Curses ‘Crucify (VIP Dub)’
  12. Maicol Mayers ‘Sombras’
  13. Amarcord ‘The Universe Is Indifferent’
  14. Martin Noise & Marzian ‘Azucar Umbanda’
  15. International Music System ‘Nonline’
  16. Nitzer Ebb ‘Lightning Man (Motor Dub)’
  17. Ed Dix ‘Hero Malam’
  18. K-Effect ‘Pyramiden (Freudenthal Remix)’
  19. Sascha Funke ‘Geisterfahrer’
  20. Le Disko ‘La Noche’
  21. Alejandro Molinari ‘Santo Ritmo (Mijo Remix)’
  22. Kalipo & Local Suicide ‘Zig Zag’
  23. Mufti ‘Impasse’
  24. ZAG ‘Rauchen (Instrumental)’
  25. Daniel Monaco ‘We Are Beautiful’
  26. Damon Jee & Darlyn Vlys ‘Kronos (Wild Mix)’

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