EXCLUSIVE KUF ‘Memory Fails Me’ [Macro Recordings]

Electronic trio KUF return to Stefan Goldmann’s label Macro Recordings with the follow-up of their 2017 released album Universe and deliver eleven re-arranged, re-worked and re-treated tracks from the label’s catalog under the name Re:Re:Re. With their latest album the band emphasizes on scanning tracks and compositions to then sprinkle their fairy dust on them and come up with magical music moments in the electronic music field. Memory Fails Me, originally from Patrick Cowley, is basically based on the original’s vocal, while KUF partly loop it and put a partly funky and hiphop-ish/ broken organic bass line to it with cosmic chords giving the re:re:re track the feel of being musically situated somewhere in-between the cosmos of Earth and space.

KUF’s album Re:Re:Re will be released on Macro Recordings on April 3rd, 2020.

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