EXCLUSIVE Drown ft. Anna Caragnano ‘Sea On The Moon (The Drifter Remix)’ [Just This]

Widely known under Alessio Pagliaroli the Italian-based artists readies a darker and more experimental release under his Drown alias on Milan label and movement Just This. Sea On The Moon is the name of Alessio’s return and comes with altogether three takes, the original and a club version from his side as well as a remix from Maeve label-head The Drifter. The latter ups the tempo of the original track and omits the vocal to fully focus on the track’s sound-design. Slight congas add warmth to the pad-shaped and cosmic charming approach, which Mark, The Drifter’s real name, created. It’s safe to say that the arrangement of melodies and sounds have no equal as they follow the pattern of a clear order, sound after sound, step by step. Still emotions are not lost in-between but rather accentuated hence Mark’s procedure and turn his approach to a fluent matter told in an impressive fashion.

Drown’s EP Sea On The Moon will be released on Just This on March 27th, 2020.

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