EXCLUSIVE Jennifer Touch ‘Hollow Flake’ [Riotvan]

Berlin based artist Jennifer Touch appears for the third time on Riotvan’s anthology Familiar Faces. After contributing Pearl and Bleed to the first respectively the second installment for the (almost) annual series, Jennifer returns to her mother label with Hollow Flake, which – after the postponment of her album Behind The Wall – makes time probably pass more quickly until July. However and detached from current caesura around the globe Hollow Flake is the opposite of a hollow flake but rich and demanding in its sound selection, its arrangement and composition. Bubbling acid bleeps mark the track’s beginning, set the mood, set the tone, set the vibe and are amplified with unevenly arranged beats and Jennifer’s vocals as both (re)approach in the course of the track. Hence hollow disco-esque chords link the partly spoken and sung lyrics and also add futuristic esthetics shrouded in wafts of mist.

Familiar Faces N° 3 will be released on Riotvan on March 27th, 2020.

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