Hailing from Tel Aviv Omri Smadar has permanently impressed the scene with tracks on NaNa Disc or Correspondant, where he recently released his EP Fragile. But Omri’s music does not come in fragilely but powerful, still with the right dose of rhythmical elements, which basically hunt for a counterpart in the mid- and high-frequencies. Nonetheless Omri manages this part with ease and in the same manner as he seeks to implement lush yet percussive bass lines, namely by arranging hypnotic mental synth-lines with a (partly) intriguing disco-ish tone or general vibe. Hence the artist unifies these musical features for his art:cast-series contribution, compiling a potpourri of music that covers episodes from the 70s until 2020 and beyond. The aforementioned intriguing ingredient was created though the momentum the mix was recorded, in particular “in a night of full of cosmic-hypnotic spacey-psychedlic ideas“.

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