DJ CHARTS Peter Invasion [Riotvan/ Institut für Zukunft]

He’s one of the mainstays of the aspiring and blossoming Leipzig-based electronic music scene and has helped to establish a sound and culture secluded from the German capital Berlin. As a co-label head of Riotvan and Institut für Zukunft resident and booker Markus Krasselt, better know under his Peter Invasion moniker, has done his bits to put the creative city of Leipzig on the national and international map. Mainly Peter Invasion is on the go as a selector, curator, catylist providing his audience with exclusive and eclectic music he’s digged out there in the depth of the net or record stores. Rarely Peter Invasion has manifested himself as a producer, up to date the passionate musician – Peter was also the drummer of former band called Here Is Why – has only one track, a collaboration with Gregor Habicht called 2006, in his discography. 2006, the year when Riotvan invaded the electronic music circus and came to stay up till now. Here are Peter Invasion’s current favorites.

  1. Various Artists ‘Familiar Faces Nº3’ [Riotvan]
  2. Tornado Wallace ‘Start Again’ [Cocktail D’more]
  3. Jennifer Touch ‘Attic’ [Fat Cat Records]
  4. Omri Smadar ft. Siam ‘In The Realm Of’ [Correspondant]
  5. Roman Flügel ‘Garden Party’ [Running Back]
  6. Zombies In Miami ‘2712’ [Permanent Vacation]
  7. Bell Towers ‘Privacy’ [Public Possession]
  8. Renato Cohen ‘Bismuth’ [Pets Recordings]
  9. RSS Disco ‘Lunar Fling (Lakehouse Remix)’ [Mireia Records]
  10. Pandaro ‘Dune’ [O*rs]

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