DJ CHARTS Andrew Thomson [Huntleys + Palmers/ Belters]

He’s just got back from his Australia tour and now comes to terms and incorporates his musical impressions in a chart. Andrew Thomson is to some known as an eclectic DJ or the person, who seems to dig up those tracks that stay with you for a while, when others associate the British with a profound and selective label head. However, which way you look at him, Mr. Thomson, the founder of Belters and Huntleys + Palmers, is a credible artists, if not to say an embassador of electronic music around the globe, hosting own parties and events in the UK and booking renowned icons like Four Tet or (former) aspiring trendsetters and now scene mainstays like Lena Wilikens. Furthermore, the Glasgower by heart and now London-residing artist has played a vast number of shows for the BBC or RinseFM and compiled mixes for almost every relevant music publication site. Here’s Andrew’s Australian tour chart for Torture the Artist.

  1. Sabres of Paradise ‘Smokebelch II’ (RIP Andrew Weatherall)
  2. Nathan Fake ‘Eris & Dysnomia’ [Cambria Instruments]
  3. Pleasure Pool ‘Ask Your Body’ [Optimo Music]
  4. Peaking Lights ‘Soft Escape (Moonman Mix)’ [Dekmantel]
  5. Pepe ‘It’s The Lights That Make You Pretty’ [Naive Trax]
  6. Men With Secrets ‘Elle Est Nihiliste’ [The Bunker NY]
  7. Karen Gwyer ‘Mahler’s Heartbeat’ [Lapsus]
  8. Bell Towers ‘Want You Need You’ [Public Possession]
  9. MA├éT ‘Quetzal Pacino’ [Growing Bin]
  10. Qash ‘Huna’ [Belters]

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