DJ CHARTS Whitesquare [Life And Death]

It’s been a few months since Whitesquare last held a musical piece of himself ready for his audience. It was in November 2019 when Pressured Mind was released on the artist’s Whitesquare Series, his own imprint, which has to serve for quality output like Algernon, Dahlass or Cinque Fichi. With three months in the new decade already followers and electronic music enthusiasts are still waiting for a sign. But the wait could be over as Whitesquare reveals the enigma of a new track that’s (hopefully) soon to be released in his recent chart for Torture the Artist.

  1. Little Dragon ‘Hold On’ (Poté Remix)’ [Ninja Tune]
  2. Pale Blue ‘Breathe’ [2MR]
  3. Whitesquare ‘Carte Blanche’ [unknown]
  4. J.A.K.A.M, Marcus Henriksson, Kuniyiuki ‘Shinkei’ [Malka Tuti]
  5. Uriah Klapter ‘2600’ [AEON]
  6. Megaphonim ‘Kesef Katan (Simple Symmetry Remix)’ [Unterman]
  7. Mr. Tophat ‘Timelaps (Dj Tennis Remix)’ [Life And Death]
  8. HYYTS ‘Bullet (Paul Woolford Remix)’ [Warner Records]
  9. M.A.N.D.Y. ‘Tonite (Rebolledo Collectors Edition)’ [Get Physical]
  10. Reznik & Mikesh ‘The Moon Landing Was A Hoax (Each Other Remix by Justin Strauss & Max Pask)’ [2MR]

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