EXCLUSIVE Sobek ‘Charmer (STATUE Reconstruction)’ [Chapter 24]

Tom Goud, better known under his STATUE moniker, follows his percussive-influenced approach as he takes on remix duties for Sobek‘s latest track Charmer on Chapter 24. Having released a good handful of EPs, singles and remixes on imprints such as Cin Cin, Le Temps Perdu or Future Boogie Recordings the Australian artists makes his (remix) debut on the British label, which again proves its musical understanding by signing remixes and remixers who draw the attention of different electronic music sub-scenes to the track with each approach adding value to Sobek’s original take. STATUE, however, chooses a midtempo stomping and chuggling basis using the synths of the original to create an almost shamanic or trancy note that lasts for several bars and evokes a mental commitment before implementing multi-tonal chords, which break with deliberately built monotony. STATUE’s reconstruction couldn’t be more memorable as it touches the listener’s mind and body before taking its soul.

Sobek’s EP Charmer will be released on Chapter 24 on March 13th, 2020.

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