It’s not your ordinary mix, it’s a confession to the unordinary site of music, it’s Upercent’s dedication to the art:cast series. The Spanish producer, who’s had a reputation with labels such as Kompakt, TAU or Watergate Records, toddles through tracks, genres, music and delivers a mix that deserves the predicate extraordinary or in other words Upercent experiments with tunes, molds them together to a homogeneous mixture with a powerful signature in an almost perfectly arranged way. Far away from (recent) club sets, far away from dance floors, dissociating himself from raised hands under a sweaty sky, Upercent delivers an hour full memorable moments and manages the impossible like having the perfect match even if you swiped left. With several edits the Sevilla resident not only adds a strong personal note but manages to come up with an art:cast that overcomes the boundaries of genres as Upercent keeps the momentum (of the mix) going – smoothly and delicately and in an exciting manner.


  1. Intro Upercent
  2. Herbert ‘It’s Only (DJ Koze Remix)’
  3. Stavroz ‘Talabout’
  4. Yak ‘Stampede’
  5. Willie Graff & Tuccillo ‘Set Me Free (Upercent Edit)’
  6. Beesmunt Soundsystem ‘Hypno’
  7. Saint Is ‘On Me (Upercent Edit)’
  8. Clout ‘Sunshine Baby (Upercent Edit)’
  9. Magnetic Forces ‘Mega Bonus (Upercent Edit)’
  10. Ot to, not to ‘Regretta II’
  11. Chic ‘I Want Your Love (Todd Terje Edit) / (Upercent Edit)’
  12. Floating Points ‘King Bromeliad’
  13. Princess Chelsea ‘The Cigarette Duet (Upercent Edit)’
  14. Bonobo ‘Kerala’
  15. De Ambassade ‘Geen Genade’

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