EXCLUSIVE The Imbeciles ‘Decider (Fort Romeau Remix)’ [The Imbeciles]

Taken from their self-released and self-titled album The Imbeciles release the third installment of remixes as this time Deetron, Benedikt Frey and Fort Romeau took on remix duties for Decider. The Post Punk-band’s idea was it to produce an album focusing and following a different musical approach than in the beginning of the band’s foundation in 2014 and seperating itself from Punk’s mainstream scene. The Imbeciles eponymous album was then finally released at the end of last year and followed by two remix EPs from iconic electronic music mainstays like Legowelt, C.A.R. Red Rack ’em and is, as initially mentioned, now followed with new works for the band’s track Decider. Londoner by heart and currently residing in Berlin Fort Romeau made the decision to come up with a rather dark almost New Wave-ish version perfectly implementing the original vocals and guitar riffs to come up with a, Fort Romeau typical, eloquent piece of music that’s made for the dark and sweaty floors of the scene. Michael Greene, Fort Romeau’s real name, manages to perfectly balance out the amount of instrumental and vocal parts within the track and adds a rather (musically speaking) nostalgic vibe, which is in the sense of the band, whose album and music is meant to sound as if “it could have been recorded four decades ago, in 1979 but without in any way being derivative or a ‘soundalike’.“ Fort Romeau’s remix does, indeed, not sound like anything soundalike from the 70s but the British adapted to the band’s idea to produce a unique piece of music that has-hasn’t-been heard before.

The Imbeciles’ Decider Remixes will be released on The Imbeciles on March 13th, 2020.

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