EXCLUSIVE Sigward ‘Balmung Beam’ [Something Happening Somewhere]

Currently residing in Berlin Dutch producer Sigward makes his return to Nuno Dos Santos’ label Something Happening Somewhere, short SoHaSo. The follow-up EP of Black Mambo, which was released in 2014, is named Balmung BeamĀ and comes along with four original tracks and a remix by DL/MS/ for the title track. But even though it’s been almost six years since Sigward’s last EP on SoHaSo was released, the artists remained part of the label family contributing tunes likeĀ Moonface Oracle, Keithii to the compilations Somewhere and Somewhere III and also delivered a track called Vertical River for the label’s Nowhere 01 potpourri in 2018. So two years after the latter Sigward drops Balmung Beam, an alliteration, which is named after Sigurd’s, Siegfried in German, sword in Norwegian and German mythology. And the track title does what its name suggests or what its intended name contains, namely mystic and sharp chords that cut through the sound-woods and create an eerie yet charming feel, which not only ties you physically to the dance floor but also mentally as the track itself provides as shelter the listener can and wants to get lost in.

Sigward’s EP Balmung Beam will be released on Something Happening Somewhere on March 13th, 2020.

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