DJ CHARTS Dominik Marz [Belters]

His Vice Versa EP on Belters is only a couple of weeks old but Augsburg based artist Dominik Marz already has a new EP called Yandom on VOD in the pipe. Again, since two tracks of the aforementioned EP were a collaborative work between the two producers, Dominik teams up with Berliner Yannick Labbé to come up with three originals under the neologism and contamination of the artists’ first names YANnick and DOMinik. To shorten the wait until Yandom drops Dominik compiled a list of his current favorite tracks showcasing or emphasizing what the artists musically stands for and represents, a mixture of different electronic genres varying between deep and dark textures but keeping a melodic vibe.

  1. ZK Bucket ‘No Compass Point’ [Outcast Oddity]
  2. David Kochs ‘Dry Me’ [Intercept]
  3. Aera ‘Way Out’ [Innervisions]
  4. Contactless ‘Static’ [Unknown To The Unknown]
  5. Dominik Marz & David Kochs ‘Youth’ [unknown]
  6. Marlon Hoffstadt ‘To All Believers’ [Midnight Themes]
  7. Paulor ‘Letter To Futura’ [Riotvan]
  8. Each Other ‘Six Weeks’ [Deewee]
  9. Bufiman ‘Albumsi’ [Dekmantel]
  10. Dominik Marz ‘Dreamer’ [unknown]
  11. Darling ‘Sierra’ [Safe Trip]
  12. Giraffi Dog ‘The Temple Of Magatao’ [Warning]

Picture by Jörg Fokuhl

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