ART:CAST SPECIAL by André Lodemann

Driven by his musical passion André Lodemann has been a scene’s mainstay for more than two decades releasing few but quality music. His latest contribution was a remix for FC Kahuna’s track Hayling for which he collaborated with long time companion Fabian Dikof and was out late 2019. With more music in the pipe the wait for a full Lodemann-ish release after his album The Deeper You Go on his co-run label Best Works in 2018 might be close. To shorten the wait until new tracks from André will hit stores the passionate Berliner musician has compiled the latest edition of the art:cast special edition, namely an 82 minute lasting journey through his record box, through melodic tunes or such with a preference for a percussive note. Whichever way you look at it André’s musical approach remains that of creating a synergy between warm and organic sounds as well as grooving and driving bass lines with a housy vibe. However one wants to classify or call it Lodemann remains true to one sound even though he passes through different genres and delivers an authentic overall composition only a dedicated artist can compile.

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