EXCLUSIVE RSS Disco ‘Lunar Fling (Das Komplex Remix)’ [Mireia Records]

After a first set of remixes of RSS Disco‘s track Lunar Fling, which were released in December 2019 on Mireia, a second round of different musical approaches to the track is rung in just in time of the new decade. Lakeshouse and Das Komplex took on remix duties for the label’s first release of 2020. The latter, whose real name is Marcin Lukaszewicz, has been putting out selective works on labels such as Father And Son Records And Tapes and Paramida’s Love On The Rocks and has started hitting all sorts of people’s radar, amongst those Dj Harvey, who has supported some of Marcin’s music at some of his shows. His remix approach for Lunar Fling, understandably enough, captures several moods and influences, so basically Das Komplex does just what his artist name suggests, he takes the listener through complex sounds, which are incorporated into a multi-layered arrangment, in particular Marcin combines the disco-ish note from the RSS Disco original take with piano chords as well as deep and dark textures.

RSS Disco’s single Lunar Fling (Lakeshouse/ Das Komplex Remixes) will be released on Mireia Records on March 9th, 2020.

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