DJ CHARTS Benjamin Fröhlich [Permanent Vacation]

Last year Permanent Vacation co-founder Benjamin Fröhlich released his nine-tracker Amiata, which was followed by two sets of remixes from label affiliates like Fort Romeau, Massimiliano Pagliara, Chloé or Marcus Worgull to name a few. Both approaches depict Benjamin’s way of dealing with music – contributing quality and receiving quality in return. Either way the Munich-based artists has given or contributed a whole lot to the electronic music scene over the years, simply by being a great selector firstly as a co-label head and secondly as a DJ, who seems to always reinvent yet remain true to his style. As a result Benjamin’s a well-respected artist to look up to. Here’s how Fröhlich currently gets his audience moving, a top10 full of gems.

  1. Roman Flügel ‘Garden Party’ [Running Back]
  2. Portable ‘This Horizon (Bodycode Bellycloud Remix)’ [Khoikhoi]
  3. Zombies In Miami ‘Frodo’ [Permanent Vacation]
  4. Fort Romeau ‘Fantasia’ [Permanent Vacation]
  5. Grauzone ‘Film 2 (Ata Edit)’ [unknown]
  6. Phoenix G ‘Late Nite @Montecell’ [unknown]
  7. Jex Opolis ‘What I Am Gonna Do’ [unknown]
  8. Kendal ‘Disturbo’ [unknown]
  9. Dead Husband ‘Iguana’ [Bordello A Parigi]
  10. Tom Noble ‘Flashlight (Masalo Remix)’ [Rush Hour]

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