EXCLUSIVE Ivory & Auggië ‘Basic Rhythm’ [MoBlack Records]

Milan creatives and VOLT-residents Daniel Tagliaferri and Simone Gianoncelli rather known under their artist monikers Ivory and Auggië teamed up for MoBlack Records’ next strike of the year and deliver the single ‘Basic Rhythm’. Having released on labels such as Borders of Light or Buttress Auggië’s definitely one of the artist to look out for in 2020 while Ivory can call labels such as microCastle, Frau Blau, Isolate or Kompakt his home and is already a step ahead of his musical companion for this release. However, the artist duo produced a dance floor-oriented take that unites Auggië’s preference for metal and industrial-sounding elements as well as Ivory’s driving and lush bass line in combination with a catchy lead-synth that undergoes a glitch-treatment from time to time to break open the aforecreated musical harmony and evoke a new momentum in the artists’ production. ‘Basic Rhythm’ focuses, as the title suggests, on few elements, which solidly put together come up with an inevitable groove that sweeps tornado-like across the floor.

Ivory & Auggië’s single ‘Basic Rhythm‘ will be released on MoBlack Records on January 31st, 2020.

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