As a label co-founder, producer and DJ Mateo Gonzalez remains as busy as he’s currently in-demand. His latest EP ‘BAQA’ was recentely released on PETS Recordings and basically the follow-up of his October EP ‘Osla’ on Correspondant. Kicking off 2020 as strong as Theus Mago closed the last decade the Mexican producer already has two new remixes locked in for Berlin duo Local Suicide and their track ‘Dominator’ in February. But before Mateo alias Bufi alias Theus Mago starts dominating dance floors (over and over) again the artist mixed and compiled the latest art:cast for Torture the Artist and stays musically true to himself as he guides the listener through a potpourri of rhytmically and darkly touched tunes that create an organic yet industrial balanced mix and evoke a synergy that equals the sun at high noon in the desert.

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