EXCLUSIVE Mordisco ‘Sacromonte’ [Duro]

Celebrating its 4th anniversary Mexican label Duro releases the second installment of their various artist series called ‘Muy Duro’ and kickstarts 2020 with five label befriended artists, namely Mordisco, Jepe, Darlyn Vlys, Fausto and Carisma, that synonominously represent Duro’s international philosophy when it comes to music and giving it a home. With 116bpm Spanish duo Mordisco delivers a dark disco-ish wave, ‘Sacromonte’, slowing the generel pace of the V/A a bit down but still capturing the right amount of Latin vibe or their Latin roots with a lead-synth that’s causing ‘Sacromonte’ to become one of these groovey, disco creepers one enjoys hearing in a sweaty club or under the open sky.

Muy Duro Vol. 2‘ will be released on Duro on January 24th, 2020.

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