EXCLUSIVE Ricardo Tobar ‘After The Movie’ [MUSAR]

Label mainstay Ricardo Tobar returns to MUSAR with his third installment already. The title track of his latest ‘After The Movie EP’ finally sees the light of day after co-label head David Joseph had found it in a set from James Holden way back in 2011 and additionally had it endued with two further original takes, namely ‘Parques’ and ‘Regain Your Power’ plus a Plaid remix for the original. Although ‘After The Movie’ originates from Tobar’s mindset a couple of years ago the track was musically ahead of its time and still hits the zeitgeist. Warm synth chords build up a charming atmosphere the listener gets pulled into with every other detail and elements added. Tobar managed to arrange and design a composition not only Holden was tied to but something that would outlive its time and be relevant in the future, our present.

Ricardo Tobar’s EP ‘After The Movie‘ will be released on MUSAR on January 24th, 2020.

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