EXCLUSIVE Theus Mago ‘Rave Dave’ [PETS Recordings]

Mexican artist Mateo Gonzalez alias Bufi alias Theus Mago kicks off his 2020 vision with a three tracker, ‘BAQA’, on PETS Recordings and musically continues to deliver dance floor oriented music in the style of his ‘Osla’ EP, which included the omnipresent and well-received track ‘Stadium Flutes’. ‘Rave Dave’, the B2 or EP’s closing track is no exception regarding the aforementioned and is an instant classic. ‘Classic’ because the sound selection as well as the arrangement take you back to the early nineties of the last decade, to the die-hard rave days, to ‘rave Dave’, the stereotype of a raver, dancing all weekend but still being fresh on a Monday. ‘Rave Dave’ stands out due it’s lush bass line or a ‘thundering drum’ combined with echoing ligneous sounding chords still giving the take an industrial vibe thatis emphasized by a mental melodic part in the middle part before the trippy intially introduced chords and a vocal guide the listener through the end of the track and right into a newly approaching musical thunderstorm.

Theus Mago’s EP ‘BAQA’ will be released on PETS Recordings on January 17th, 2019.

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