EXCLUSIVE Zoé Zoe ‘My Personal (Dulcinea Del Toboso)’ [Belters]

After Dominik Marz’s & David Koch’s four tracker on Huntleys + Palmer’s sub-label Belters it’s about time to release another belly dance belter, which steps out of the ‘Ghost Trance’s shadow. Zoé Zoe‘s new EP, Belters022, does just that and contains four exquisite takes the (dance) floors and DJs have been eager to play/ hear for a moment. Since ‘Kalista’ has been featured on the label’s Deckmantel podcasts a while back and already caused some stir amongst the scene, the EP did not seem to be ready for its immediate release until ‘My Personal (Dulcinea Del Topos)’ arrived. The disco-ish cut is the kind of track that spreads those ‘ instant moments of love’ on the floor, the good vibes everyone’s ready to hear after having rocked off the your dancing shoes’ sole. ‘My Personal (Dulcinea Del Topos)’ basically unites all the ingredients that are needed to move your waistline once more to the bass line; a basic loop with few pads make up the track’s backbone and is enriched with several further synths and vocals as wells as short ‘filter’-rides that turn the track from the Lithuanian producer to a continuous blissful ride into the (end of the) night.

Zoé Zoe’s EP ‘Zoé Zoe‘ will be released on Belters on November 29th, 2019.

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