EXCLUSIVE Skatman ‘High Zeit’ [Scatcity]

It’s label head honcho Skatman who delivers Scatcity’s last record of the year and provides three original tracks and a remix from Lauer to celebrate ‘High Times’. After previous releases from Nandu and Ivory on the label, it’s on Skatman to close 2019 in the same manner as 2018, namely with a melodic punch. None-surprisingly it’s the EP’s title track ‘High Zeit’ that represents the label’s melodical orientation in the best possibe way. The omipresent yet modest rhytmical elements that form the track’s basis float around the bass line like an acrobat over a tightrope before ‘High Times’ set in, and latter mean a rush of euphoria paired with moments of letting go Skatman-style. His melodic compositions, always provided with a sense of an 80s back-to-the-future-feel(good) vibe, have become the artist’s preferred trademark over the years and, at the same time, vaulted Skatman to a melodic-trailblazer, who creates catchy sound-sequences. ‘High Zeit’ is no exception and does just what the track title suggests, it processes the synth chords into a musical high-voltage experience that is grounded by hurry scurring percussive elements.

Skatman’s EP ‘High Zeit‘ will be released on Scatcity on November 29th, 2019.

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