EXCLUSIVE Younger Than Me ‘Mind Hunter’ [Dischi Autunno]

Jennifer Cardini’s and Noura Labbani’s label Dischi Autunno ends 2019 with a fiver tracker, ‘Mind Hunter’, from Italian duo Younger Than Me, whose successful year with own releases and remixes on XXX, Nein, Relish or Duro goes into its last chapter, too. The EP’s title track ‘Mind Hunter’ represents Marcello Carozzi’s and Francesco Mingrino’s cosmical almost retro-futuristic approach to music that hits closest to the duo’s quote ‘You may stop the party but you cannot stop the future’ as ‘Mind Hunter’s sounds chases one for a seven minute lasting time lapse giving its audience a hint what the musical future of both, the scene and Marcello and Francesco could sound like, namely like a mental spaceship ride into the unknown width of the universe. Interstellar sounding synths dig their way into the listener’s imagened and experienced existence, intermit or recur in loops with the only task to create a (sound) vortex that sucks one into its soundbubble.

Younger Than Me’s EP ‘Mind Hunter‘ will be released on Dischi Autunno on November 29th, 2019.

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