EXCLUSIVE Trading Places ft. The Golden Filter ‘Submission (Moscoman Remix)’ [Thrones of Blood]

Newly founded project Trading Places, consisting of long time friends and affiliates Moscoman, Max Pask and New Yorker Justin Strauss, is readying their first EP, ‘Submission’, on Throne of Blood this week. For the title track the trio teamed up with legendary artist duo The Golden Filter, who add their distinctive breathy and haunting vocals to the track supporting the general dark vibe of it. Disco Halal-founder and one third of Trading Places Moscoman took on remix duties for the EP’s eponymous track and created a more than mental take of the track, whose changing synth chords push the cut’s tension up over the course of its duration. As soon as Penelope’s voice sets in ‘Submission’ is on its way to reach an ultimate darkly twisted climax that is supported by doubled beats and chords, both adding a vibe to the track one finds in sweaty underground clubs only. If this is the place to trade then any (electronic) music enthusiast should be in.

Trading Places’ EP ‘Submission‘ will be released on Thrones of Blood on November 22nd, 2019.

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