EXCLUSIVE The Golden Filter ‘Electric Light (Curses Remix)’ [4GN3S]

The Golden Filter‘s album ‘Autonomy’, which first bloomed in spring 2019, is reflourishing as various selected tracks got the remix treatment and are unified under the EP title ‘Autonomy Variations’. One to blossom his remix-approach is Curses, who took on ‘Electric Light’ and implanted his gloomy rock-ish psychedlic vibe into the track’s torso. Indeed Curses comes in with a lush and present bass line that still does not come to the fore, just as if ‘Electric Light’ was guided by the changing or recurring soundscapes that either blend in perfectly or consciously but abruptly segue from one sequence to another, while being chased by the Golden Filter’s vocals. Altogether Curses delivers one forwardly thinking artsy musical piece that comes in with unexpected and surprising sound arrays that have not been put together in such an advanced way.

The Golden Filter’s EP ‘Autonomy Variations‘ will be released on 4GN3S on November 29th, 2019.

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