EXCLUSIVE Yubik ‘Stray From The Path’ [Radikon]

Straight out of Berlin Radikon is readying its annual label compilation ‘Retro II’, which goes into its second round with ten exclusive tracks from label mainstays and newcomers. To shorten the wait until the final release of the compilation Munich based artist duo Yubik holds its track ‘Stray From The Path’ available, providing club-goers and headphone-listeners with their daily dose of melo-vibes. The tracks follows a distinct build-up setting things off with a lush bass line that is enriched with catchy chords, which easily bore their ways into one’s mental areas before it starts playing tricks on you as it digs deeper and deeper until it releases your mind into melodical fulfillment – or in short, the track’s break(down). After ‘Stray From The Path’ picks up the aforementioned pace and extends its spectrum by adding diverse creaky sounds turning into an on-going artistic piece of club music.

Retro II‘ will be released on Radikon on November 29th, 2019.

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