EXCLUSIVE Kadosh, Nariz ‘Deep Valley’ [microCastle]

Tel Aviv artist Kadosh, who’s had releases on highly appreciated labels such as Innervisions, Watergate, Aeon or Upon You, can add another renowned imprint to his discography, microCastle. For his upcoming debut EP, ‘Orot’, on the Canadian label Kadosh teams up with another Tel Aviv favorite, namely Nariz, for the second time after their track ‘Tritango’ on Connected. The duo’s ‘Orot EP’ comes with two orginal takes and a remix for each by Ruede Hagelstein, who takes on remix duties for ‘Orot’ and Monkey Safari, who remix ‘Deep Valley’. The original version of the latter is combines progressive features, to mention is the rolling bass line, with dramatically sounding pads, which in combination create a synergy as if emotional raptures that have been tied up for way too long are finally released and evoke the same feeling with its listeners.

Kadosh & Nariz’s EP ‘ Orot‘ will be released on microCastle on November 15th, 2019.

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