EXCLUSIVE Whitesquare ‘Pressured Mind’ [Whitesquare Series]

The fourth release on Whitesquare’s own label, ‘Pressured Mind’, is ready to blow the same. The ‘Algernon’ follow-up musically take a different direction than it predecessor, mostly in it’s choice of sounds, because Whitesquare unveils his preference for Acid-bleeps once again, as he introduced us to a rhythmic/ acid-esque hybrid on his previous EP for Dj Tennis’ Life And Death label. ‘Pressure Mind’, which was also part of Whitesquare’s art:cast for Torture the Artist in October, seems to be based upon the artist’s inevitable groovy bass lines, always containing a resonating funkiness in the sub-frequencies. But ‘Pressured Mind’ has more to offer than the artist’s trademark features as the listener is pulled deeply into the sound-action, namely Whitesquare slowly fades in the Acid-beeps that add the title track’s suggested seriousness – or pressures one’s mind – while before the aforementioned is basically is hinted at with vocoder-edited vocals.

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