Drumming into 2019 Bavarian artist duo Innellea started their most successful year up to date with their contribution to Innervisions’ Secret Weapon compilation, which was followed by their tremendous remix for Tunnelvisions’ ‘Imaja’s Drum’ and the duo’s cuts for the yearly Afterlife compilation ‘Realm Of Consciousness’ and TAU’s essential summer potpourri ‘Spektrum 1’. Basically the only thing missing is an entire EP by the ever busy studio- and DJ-partners Michi and Dani, Innelllea’s real names behind the moniker, this year. In order to shorten the time until the artist duo’s next release the hard-working musicians compiled the latest episode of Torture the Artist’s art:cast special series, delivering 96 minutes of Innellea-approved tracks. And ever since their Afterlife Voyage mix it’s known amongst music enthusiasts how much work the both put into their DJ-mixes as they came up with a mix consisting of own material only. For their art:cast Michi and Dani digged deep into their record case/ or hard-disk to compile a fluent mix that musically smoothly switches flawlessly from dark to melo over to deep and rock-ish as well as trancy without losing sigh of the Innellea sound.

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