EXCLUSIVE Pale Blue ‘Eyes’ [2MR]

With their track ‘You Stopped Dying’ Pale Blue delivered the emo-melancholic anthem of 2018, gaining major support and praise from various scene key-players. The vocals for Mike Simonetti’s and Elizabeth Wight’s, the duo behind Pale Blue, catchy track though were recorded long time before in one of the duo’s studio sessions. During this session Elizabeth came up with even more ideas that should later on be arranged to several Pale Blue tracks that were released on labels such as Crosstown Rebels or Me Me Me. One of these aforementioned ideas turned to ‘Eyes’, which is the result of an old instrumental that Mike Simonetti wrote five years ago during a layover at an European airport. The track was originally released as part of Me Me Me’s compilation ‘We We We’ as a benefit for Help Refugees. Now the track is re-released amongst other Pale Blue takes such as ‘Have You Passed Through This Night’, ‘Eyes and A Heart Whose Love Is Innocent’, ‘Comes Home’ and a remix by Hivern Disc mainstay Pional of the latter. ‘Eyes’ takes the same line as Pale Blue’s usual music – almost. Certainly the darker note in the duo’s music is a common feature of their creative being, but Simonetti as the ‘musical genius’ behind the project and Elizabeth as the melo-angelic vocalist, never revisit a musical approach to come up with a second version of it. Hence ‘Eyes’ with its piano intro, that prepares the listener for ‘a beat to drop’ and taken into darker spheres by Elizabeth’s voice, sounds like the blend of Indie/ Alternative structures in an Electronic music context taking up where ‘You Stopped Dying’ left us: in the struggle to find the light.

Pale Blue’s EP ‘Have You Passed Through This Night‘ will be re-released on 2MR on November 22nd, 2019.

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