EXCLUSIVE Iñigo Vontier ‘Don’t Go Back’ [Lumière Noire Records]

Giving his audience a fortaste of what is yet to come Iñigo Vontier released his ‘Xu Xu’ EP a few weeks ago. Now his debut album, ‘El Hijo Del Maiz’, is basically ready to be dropped on Chloè’s Lumière Noire Records, an album that varies between ‘demented grooves, psychedelic take offs and imaginary comic strips of mystical rituals’. With the first exclusive track from the album, namely ‘Don’t Go Back’, Iñigo Vontier draws refererence to the primarly named. ‘Don’t Go Back’ stands out due its continuous groove and, first and foremost, because of its mental tonality switching chords that take its listeners on a mind-ride before creating a trance-like state of mind. The smoothly and melodically elaborated break supports the latter provoking one of these letting-go moments as the lead-synth and a newly introduced melody conflate into one pad, which in the end undergoes, as in the beginning, tonal changes adding just the right amount of edginess to the last chapter of the track’s story.

Iñigo Vontier’s album ‘El Hijo Del Maiz’ will be released on Lumière Noire Records on November 29th, 2019.

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