EXCLUSIVE Tunnelvisions ‘Channel Tropico (The Remixes) [Atomnation]

Raynor de Groot and Emiel van den Dungen better know under their Tunnelvisions moniker remained true to their tropical influences and released their six track comprising album ‘Channel Tropico’ on Atomnation in September. ‘Channel Tropico’ was basically the final result the two previously released singles ‘Culture Shock’ and ‘Tropical Hotline’ had suggested and had the ‘trilogy’ coming to an end. Almost. Now ‘Channel Tropico’ heralds the start of the next chapter as in-demand artists Whitesquare, Eagles & Butterflies and busy artist duo Super Flu took on remix duties and deliver three (album) remixes as divine and manifold, as profound and extraordinary as Tunnelvisions’ original tracks had affected the club-goers and in-ears-listener at first listen.

The first to throw his remix approach in the ring is Whitesquare, who’s had a busy 2019 with his works being released on Dj Tennis’ Life And Death-label and, of course, having two follow-ups on his Whitesquare-series label among others. Whitesquare reworks ‘M.G.M.M.’, an abreviation for mobilize, globalize, materialism and monetize, and comes in with his trademark bass line that sets the distinguished groovey path the artist is not leaving in the course of the track’s continuation but rather adds few and far between elements that keep this remix rolling.

Next up is Eagles & Butterflies, whose approach to ‘Rain Dance’ has hurry-scurried in various few DJ-sets and enraptured regular club- and festival-visitors. With a grid-riding bass line and heavily hitting drums Chris Barratt alias Eagles & Butterflies created a foundation for the impressive and catchy synth-melody, which is hard to dodge. With melody being key in Eagles & Butterflies productions his remix for ‘Rain Dance’ precisely depicts the reasons his music has unique features and can be recognized among others. It’s Chris’ simple yet effective array of chords that instantly brands itself into the listener’s memory and carries one to these hidden corners of the mind where nothing but music is relevant.

Lastly Halle-based duo Super Flu took on remix duties for ‘Rain Dance’ too, but set a different focus with their approach. While Eagles & Butterflies emphasized or covered ‘the rain’ mainly by having it regularly recuring in its softly mental chords, Super Flu concentrate to feature this aspect in their track’s rhytmical approach as if ‘the rain’ was implemented in their sub-frequencies to subtly evoke the (musical) picture of a pair of boots stroking the water of a rising puddle. As soon as it runs over Super Flu come in with a wave of chords that seem to have the task of pushing the water forward to keep the dancing-shoes in the flow and secondly to pour some chord-water down the rain.

Tunnelvisions’ ‘Channel Tropico (The Remixes)‘ will be relased on Atomnation on October 25th, 2019.

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