ART:CAST SPECIAL by Whitesquare

Only few artists have their finger as close on the pulse of the time as the Rome/Tel Aviv-grown up Whitesquare. A look into his discography confirms the latter. In 2019 Maurice, Whitesquare’s real name, has released groundbreaking music on his very own Whitesquare Series label, namely ‘Cinque Finschi’ and ‘Algernon’, as well as his ‘Time Balance EP’ on VOD and the highly anticipated ‘Visual Distortion of Reality’ on Dj Tennis’ in-demand imprint Life And Death. Aside from the afromentioned original music Whitesquare is about to drop two remixes on Disco Halal – Mount Kismet’s ‘Teenage Fantasy’ gets an Acid-ish makeover – and Dutch label Atomnation. But when you thought you’d heard it all, Whitesquare delivers the latest art:cast for Torture the Artist and digs musically as deep as wide to prove that one might pinpoint the artist to quality music but not to a certain (sub)genre. Starting with (Italo)disco-vibes Maurice picks up the typical Whitesquare-groove with any proceeding minute one’s in the mix. Bass lines flicker as pads and Disco samples vary and alternate in a harmonic and comfortable manner to create a feel-good atomsphere one delicately likes to move to. Whitesquare’s diversity is higly palpable, highly appreciated and smoothly sums up what one can already conclude from his releases: he’s a multi-genre genius still remaining true to one groove – the Whitesquare groove.

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