EXCLUSIVE Sascha Funke ‘The Swarm’ [Permanent Vacation]

Sascha Funke strengthens the Berlin-Munich relationship with the first installment of his ‘Genex EP’ on Permanent Vacation. The three tracker comes in the typical Funke-trademark style and, contrary to the A1 title, ‘The Swarm’ does not follow it, but breaks with common cohesions to create experimental still appealing moments for the collective on the dance floor. ‘The Swarm’ captivates its listeners due to unconventional soundscapes, carefully and one after another implemented into the track with abstract chords giving the tone or rather representing the leader that’s followed by the Sascha’s sound swarm in the following. Funke’s latest EP ‘Genex’ certainly adds an abstraction to the music that’s been absent or has gone short lately but adds an edginess to it.

Sascha Funke’s ‘Genex 1 EP‘ will be released on Permanent Vacation on October 18th, 2019.

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