EXCLUSIVE Bodi Bill ‘Better Than Reality (Bonus Life)’ [Sinnbus]

After taking a break for a good few years to have the time to dedicate themselves to various solo- or group-projects, Bodi Bill released their first single, ‘Kiss Operator’, in 8 years in March. Only a few weeks later the band pleased their fans with further new material, namely with ‘What If’. Now and a couple of days before Bodi Bill start touring the country with an opening show in Cologne (find all tour dates over at: www.bodibill.de) the trio comes along with their third single. ‘Better Than Reality’ comes in two versions, while the original depicts the evolved sound of Fabian Fenk, Anton Feist and Alex Stolze since their last long-player ‘What?’ from 2011, the ‘Bonus Life’ version of ‘Better Than Reality’ can be described as Bodi Bill remixing Bodi Bill in The/Das-manner – Fabian’s and Anton’s project that aimed a bit more at the dance floor with their last album ‘Exit Strategies’, released on Dj Tennis’ label Life And Death. Darkly twisted deep chords meet a pulsating bass line while Fabian’s vocals add this sweaty raw club-touch to it that vaults one into the time and space when you’d thoughtfully dance away your everyday worries in the most elegant and authentic way. Bodi Bill basically emphasize the melancholia in nostalgia and deliver a rework that’s – because of it’s raw and unfinished sounding vibe – touching and thoughtful hence meaningful.

Bodi Bill’s single ‘Better Than Reality‘ will be released on Sinnbus on October 14th, 2019.

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