EXCLUSIVE West & Hill ‘Tala’ [Connected]

A highlight in Trikk’s set at Sonar a few weeks ago is finally released, namely Dutch producer West & Hill‘s oriental affair ‘Tala’ is out as part of Connected’s ‘Connectedbeats Edition 1’. A track that seems to come along rather retaining reaches its mystical momentum when synth chords meet the oud and culminate in a desert-like or desert-dusk enriched sound composition as the lead-synth is raised in the same tone as the oud. Whipping claps and a dry bass line further the track’s core ambition, that of carrying the listener through the ‘Tala’ of the track with the title meaning ‘time structure/ metrics’ in Indian music.

Connectedbeats Edition 1‘ will be released on Connected on August 9th, 2019.

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