ART:CAST #65 by Benjamin Fröhlich

Permanent Vacation co-founder Benjamin Fröhlich delivers the soundtrack for your summer evenings by musically referring to the label’s name and picking up the ambient vibe Marcus Worgull has left us with a few weeks ago. Thereby Fröhlich creates an art:cast that is diverse in music yet easily accessable for the listener. The carefully chosen tracks convey a dreamy almost relaxing holiday feeling emphasized by Fröhlich’s preference to include dubby and vocal tracks – still he remains true to his overall vibe and selection, still he makes waves, literally and in a figuratively. The almost ninty minutes escapism is driven by tracks such as Mim Suleiman’s ‘Uutu’ or Filament Deejays’ ‘1 p.m.’. If the summer of 2019 needed a soundtrack then Benjamin Fröhlich delivered it – in his classy, diverse, laid back and unpretentious way.

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