EXCLUSIVE Ivory ‘El Dorado (Mathias Schober’s Euphoric Remix)’ [Nebula Sounds]

Nebula Sounds is Manchester’s new born record label bringing these melodic uplifting euphoric moments that the local scene once became known for back. After implementing an event series in the northern part of England Nebula Sounds now does the thing properly and founds a label. For the debut Italian DJ and producer Ivory, who’s already showcased his music at one of the Nebula events, contributes two original tracks to the EP, ‘El Dorado’ and ‘Tikuna’. While ‘Tikuna’ remains untouched Baime and Lossless label head Mathias Schober deliver altogether three remix approaches for ‘El Dorado’ covering the whole range of a night out without sounding arbitrary. Mathias’ ‘Euphoric Remix’ of ‘El Dorado’ is up to date his most techno-esque take but skillfully captures the northern vibe and adds, as the remix title suggests, an unabated euphoria, which is musically depicted by warm pads and chords that release the tension that Schober built up within the first four and a half minutes to then be taken up and blossom in the beauty of melodic dreams.

Ivory’s EP ‘El Dorado‘ will be released on Nebula Sounds on July 26th, 2019.

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