EXCLUSIVE Jan Wagner ‘Nummer G (Nitam Hinterhausmix)’ [Quiet Love Records]

Known for his atmospheric and dark-shadowed sound experiences but also for his energetic DJ-performances at Berghain, one of Berlin’s best kept artistical secrets, Nitam, takes on Jan Wagner‘s composition ‘Nummer G’ to add his Hinterhaus-magic. ‘Nummer G’ was originally released on Jan Wagner’s ‘Nummern’ LP on Klangbad in October 2018 and is the first in the row of various remixes to come. With the original focusing merely on atmospheric sonority moments Nitam adds a bass line to support the overall melancholic and dreamy vibe of the original, makes partly use of several piano chords to implement and further the track’s lead synth which continues to rise throughout the track to then fade out or hide in the final shadowing soundscapes of the track. Nitam’s Hinterhausmix for ‘Nummer G’ skillfully combines classical musical elements with atmospheric pads and blissful synth-moments and creates an on-going intense momentum one should not omit.

Nitam’s Hinterhausmix for Jan Wagner’s ‘Nummer G’ will be released on Quiet Love Records on July 19th, 2019.

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