EXCLUSIVE Filament Deejays ‘1 p.m.’ [Filament]

Newly founded Dutch label Filament‘s concept is quite simple yet effective and reveals deep insights into the founders’ mindset. As ‘Deejays’, label heads and promoters the Filament crew aligns the procedure of an event to the music they put out on their label. Consequently ‘Fest I’, the label’s debut EP, includes four tracks, each representing a different stage or chapter of an event, with each track ready to be played at a different time. While ‘4 p.m.’, ‘8 p.m.’ and ’11 p.m.’ come from Monty, Møzaika and Hysteric, the track that gets it all started, ‘1 p.m.’ is the preserve of Filament Deejays themselves. But not only does ‘1 p.m.’ mark the EP opening, it’s also Filament Deejays’ production debut. Warm synth chords combined with a Japanese vocal introduce the listener to their premiere work and set the pace and tone for what is to follow in the next few minutes in the track himself as well as the event, where the track is played out. A triumphant chorus is accompanied with the implementation of subtle acid sounds, which at first hearing seem to get off and take on a leading role but remain in the background and serve as carrying track element still giving enough space to the afore-introduced synth-chords and the soft vocals. A day or event couldn’t start better with a sound-aesthetics as Filament Deejays provide their audience with.

Fest I‘ will be released on Filament on July 17th, 2019.

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