FREE DOWNLOAD Kris Davis ‘Forever Alone’

Every track has its story and ‘Forever Alone’ continues to write its own, as it will always and forever be a ‘solo track’. When Kris Davis released his track ‘Through the Door’ as part of Sum Over Histories’ various artist EP ‘Path Integral II’ last month, the British producer had made the decision to release both tracks, ‘Through the Door’ and ‘Forever Alone’, as stand alone tracks. With the latter favored by Marcus Worgull already the b-side of ‘Through the Door’ now sees the light of day exclusively on Torture the Artist. ‘Forever Alone’ cries to be interpreted with an I-reference but of course should not, it certainly tickles one’s emotions as the guitar riffs create this nostalgic melancholic feeling as if one ponders about life or certain moments of it and get lost in Davis’ recorded melody. ‘Forever Alone’ is one of these tracks that could last forever, the synergy of the driving yet crunchy bass line and the catchy melody have the potential to block oneself off from the world out there.

Download Kris Davis’ ‘Forever Alone’ in the link below.

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