EXCLUSIVE Fabio Vanore feat. Abrão ‘Voodoo Ray (Benjamin Fröhlich Remix)’ [Incroyable Music]

Fabio Vanore drops his ‘Voodoo Ray’ EP on Incroyable Music shortly. Incroyable that is a label, a musical collective, but mainly a family of like-minded musicians that operate from and mostly within and around the Cologne area. For now! Fabio is ready to spread his musical approach amongst the electronic music scene and it doesn’t need much voodoo magic to figure out that ‘Voodoo Ray’ feat. Abrão has the potential to spiritually soak the audience into mindsets that one has not experienced before. The EP’s title track ‘Voodoo Ray’ comes with a remix from Permanent Vacation label-honcho Benjamin Fröhlich, who sprinkles his magic on the track to create a mental ride through voodoo practices. Abrão‘s vocal remains in the background and lets the soundscapes fully unfold its spiritual character in the style of a voodoo priest continuing his ritual to reach the back of the mind and start the cleansing process. Fröhlich executes a musical portrayal of a voodoo ceremony evoking pictures as strong as his music lets his audience dive into the practices, creating lose-yourself-to-dance moments before coming back to normal, whatever this might mean.

Fabio Vanore’s EP ‘Voodoo Ray’ will be released on Incroyable Music on July 22nd, 2019.

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