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Amidst the frenzy of digital releases, a surge of amateur competitors trailed and respectively, so did their (dismissible) releases. Yet, a label whose melodic fidelity incorporated diverse guitar chords and an electro bass verve earned an (aesthetic) place underneath the needle. In 2014, at the forefront of the digital influx, Lossless co-founders, Mathias Schober and Thomas Herb, seamlessly elbowed their way to the top of folders, gaining recognition in the slue of generic prospectors. Along the way, the Berlin-based label heads linked arms with Trikk’s clean textures in ‘Internacional Electrical Rhythms’, making a point to collaborate with artists whose acoustic characteristics organically personified the Lossless chronicle. Rolling in prodigious waves of merit, the Lossless spearheads steadily tread above the high currents of reverence. To tantalize a spectrum of sentiments and dance-floor jitters, ‘Outbound.3’ welcomes back Lossless veterans: Neil Flynn, Atelier, Love over Entropy, and Anthony George Patrice. The compilation drafts new Lossless groundbreakers: Ian Pooley, Frankey & Sandrino, and Hadiid, further advancing boundaries and the rationale behind escapist tendencies, inherent or not. Perhaps collecting the three elements time: past, present, and future; ‘Outbound.3’ reveres Lossless’ fifth anniversary, reflecting and predicting their hasty absorption into hindsight’s and onto flash-drives.

Neil Flynn’s uncanny vocalists, matched with his techno and deep house vibe, have flown alongside Lossless in their five-year journey; Neil Flynn first gaining recognition in the underground electronic music scene with ‘Louise EP’ on Lossless. Not veering (too) far from his enigmatic roots, Irishman Neil Flynn submerges his water surrounded experiences to pair gritty sand shakers with the ebb and flow of echoing synths. Thus, Flynn navigates the compilation to its first destination: Trá, or “beach”. Sirening us past the tidal zone, Neil Flynn reignites Katie Kim’s esoterically captivating vocal cords to seduce a naive, yet feminine charm. Reverb-y Afro- Cuban conga drums resound a foot-tapping (or debatably tiki pounding) beat. Snarled with seagull synths and ritualistic claps, the eerie Björk-esque vocals lure us deeper inland, where the more mysterious abyssal creatures reside.

Reconvening from ‘Something to Fill [the rest of] an Hour’, Atelier and label head, Mathias Schober, craft the most despondent segment of the compilation. Just as somber instrumentals borderline agony, the track pauses on a subtle yet powerful inhale; when the breath escapades, lyrics are greeted with high note keys. Onboard the top-flight track, the Atelier duo – Jas Miszewski & Alexander Inggs’ – melancholic vocals trim a raw edge to the compilation; soberly overflowing emotional cupacities, more so than in the first half-hour. The steady bassline endures, meanwhile dismal vocals dishearten aspirations, and chiming closed high hats dissipate angst. The downtempo paradoxes eight floors up, defying gravity, these 8 flights descend upward and out.

Trivial apprehensions melt away as Ian Pooley’s (organ)ic undertones and lush breakbeat rhythms restore a blanket of tranquility. Although this is his debut release with Lossless, this analogue circuit master is by no means a stranger to the label. Indulging us in his mesmerizing bassline, Ian Pooley blends aphoristic breakbeat sequences and futuristic synths into a sense- arousing circumnavigation. Halfway through the track, a deep breakdown warrants an uplifting grandeur, as though the two are mutualistic, balanced and harmonic. Somewhat of a flora orgy, the deep nature of the track is vigorously mitigated with fiery drum kicks and syncopated claps.

Lossless’ virtuoso label heads, Mathias Schober (SB) and Thomas Herb (TH), reappear on ‘Outbound.3’, piloting their rhythm through a new-age outbound excursion. Wasting no time, SBTH chaperons an exclusive tour through their Afro-House galaxy. Rattling percussion and synthetic alterations accompany a roaring baseline, all the while intensifying turbulence towards Planet Greg – perhaps the next prospective human settlement. Paced with sonic trumpets and a xylophonic groove the label’s captains will surely lift you into an inter-galactic delirium. (Stay tuned, more SBTH planets coming to you soon!)

Frankey & Sandrino have surmounted accolades through their enchanting releases via Innervisions, Drumpoet Community, and Moodmusic; alas commencing their own label, ‘Sum Over Histories’ in 2017. Thus, there was no surprise that Frankey’s eclectic house style and Sandrino’s ele(mental) edge could infiltrate a lucid groove within ‘Outbound.3’. Kuma’s appreciated chords illuminate pupils, compelling us to lock eyes with our fellow dance-floor allies. Percussive layers slither deeper underground just before the synth solo spins out a relentless rotation. ‘Kuma’ translates from Swahili to ‘stop’; however, once your sensory receptors have gained sufficient velocity, good luck stopping. Expect the churning ‘Kuma’ chords to repeatedly bump (up) the summer vibe’s thermostat.

The Dutch-based Love over Entropy whisks IDM elements and deep house, zesting with just a touch of acidity. Love over Entropy has tickled taste buds on Nautilus Rising and Lossless labels. This bittersweet track is truly a lemon pie vibe, once ingested the alkalizing delight proves difficult to refuse. This acoustic interlude surely palates a light but classy dessert, of course with a shimmy-worthy rhythm sprinkled throughout. Serving up a special treat to smooth over liminal spaces, Love over Entropy’s cerebral melody will leave you quenched and satisfied.

Nourished in time for Hadiid’s debut laser show, the Malaysian newcomer evidently imprints his place in the compilation. Hailing from Borneo, Malaysia, the DJ/producer uproots his cultural background, styling in relevant and diverse layers that will surely initiate a club uproar. Hadiid fires stratospheric synths and recurrent breakdowns, corralling nothing short of excellence. Committed to a hard-hitting tsunami, his Murat Uncuoglu vibe will cyclically tumble you past your tipping point. The South East Asian underground electronic scene is fortunate to have such a volatile riptide representing their wave frequencies.

Anthony Georges Patrice has caught Dixon and Âme’s attention with ‘Parallel Romance’s rendezvous of high pitched sequences and electric melodies. Spacey up-tempo beats have proven Anthony Georges Patrice as a primitively invaluable member of the Lossless family and just the connoisseur to wrap things up. Finishing off the compilation in spine-tingling retrospect, ‘CTAFY’s electro breakbeat rhythmically encompasses the compilation’s exquisite progression. The refreshing buoyancy of the track descends (or ascends) you back into a perspicacious essence. High pitch pads pleasantly rejuvenate visionary senses; meanwhile, serene grooves influence mellifluous tones, inflicting a collective dance-floor cordiality.

Infusing a spirited outward and inward retreat, ‘Outbound.3’ naturally strokes subliminal realities, still preserving a blank canvas of memorabilia to fill ahead. From beginning to end, the compilation strategic placement of artists impeccably parallels previous and prospective rhythmic romances. By thematically fiddling with opposites, time, and space, the label nimbly loops their harmonic thread through the poignant parameters of cogitation. Synchronizing heart and breakbeats, Lossless has coherently sculpted cardiac impressions, only double-timing the residual fluttering feels. Careful not to compromise the quality or direction of the label, Lossless has admirably seized the underground electronic music scene; instinctively adhering to an agenda and pleasantly diversifying their melodic ranges. Defining their identity through a holistic ethology, Lossless’ fifth anniversary is a true celebration.

Outbound.3’ is released on July 12th, 2019 on Lossless.

Review by Isabella Gadinis

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