EXCLUSIVE Rey&Kjavik ‘Saraswati (Mountiri Version / VRIL’s Octagon Mix)’ [RKJVK]

When speaking of the current techno scene it’s almost inevitable not to come across Hannover based producer VRIL, who has released his music on labels such as Ostgut Ton, Delsin, Rødhead’s infamous Dystopian or Giegling. However, VRIL‘s latest piece of art is a remix for Rey&Kjavik‘s track ‘Saraswati’, which was first released on the artist’s second studio album ‘Mountiri’ last year. A couple of month and a coincidentally meeting between VRIL and Rey&Kjavik in the Columbian airspace probably brought two like-minded persons and their musical approaches together that now result in VRIL’s remix work for Rey&Kjavik’s track ‘Saraswati’. As the original version is a rather spherical take, VRIL focuses on this approach, speeds up the original by 13 beats per minute and creates a way darker atmosphere that harmonizes with the organic elements, even though it’s contrary to the warmth and charm the latter radiate. VRIL’s version holds a mysticism, almost like the artist himself as his real name is still unknown to the public, and is supported by a jungle-ish flair as if VRIL recapitulated the vibe and external circumstances during his meeting with Rey&Kjavik in the plane when flying over Colombia.

Rey&Kjavik’s EP ‘Mountiri Remix I‘ will be released on RKJVK on May 31st, 2019.

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