After contributing his ‘Chaussee’ track to TAU‘s ‘Spektrum 1’ compilation last month, Ede now returns to the Hamburg based label with his first full EP, ‘Kosmos’. The four tracker depicts the Berliner’s preference for futuristic soundscapes combined with a pinch of nostalgia jointly creating the artist’s trademark sound. Unsurprisingly Ede’s music has been signed to labels such as Correspondant or Innervisions in the recent past and seems to have found a home in Hamburg, on TAU. His track ‘Zeit’, meaning ‘time’, is the B1 of his upcoming Kosmos EP and vaults the listener through space and time, at a musical level of course. While the synth-pads evoke a feeling of being stranded in space, the none dominant sound elements in the low frequencies carry one through the Ede’s universe, always going forward, always changing and therefore never resting. ‘Zeit’, as the track name already suggests, makes use of the full eight minutes it lasts to create a sound-invasion in the clubs.

Ede’s EP ‘Kosmos‘ will be released on TAU on May 31st, 2019.

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