EXCLUSIVE Pred & Scott ‘Polyglob (DC Salas Remix)’ [Biologic Records]

Berlin producers Noah Pred and Kennth Scott team up for the next EP, ‘Polyglob’, on DC Salas and Abstraxion’s Biologic Records. Providing two original tracks, namely ‘Polyglob’ and ‘Chromaflux’, co-label head DC Salas insisted on remixing the EP’s title track and add his characteristic trademark sound to the track, reducing the almost 12 minute journey of the original to a 6 minute electroboogie take that got it all. Starting off with heavily 80s influenced chords that are highlighted with electronic drums, the track sticks to the firstly introduced elements but adds a variety of synths up to Acid-bleeps that either function as a topping for the initially introduced synth-chords or alternates with it. Either way DC Salas delivers a remix that deserves being played out as his work is so rich in detail that it lets the audience discover something new each time the playback head is pushed.

Pred & Scott’s EP ‘Polyglob‘ will be released on Biologic Records on May 20th, 2019.

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