EXCLUSIVE Night Giants ‘Dissipate (Mike Simonetti Remix)’ [Sprechen]

Electronic duo Night Giants elegantly bring together various styles with their music and showcase a potpourri of their current approaches on their upcoming ‘Hold On Tight’ EP. The band’s three original tracks, ‘Hold On Tight’, ‘Love Someone’ and ‘Dissipate’, are viewed in a different light as they are endowed with remixes by John Dasilva, Massey and Mike Simonetti. The latter, also known for his project Pale Blue with Liz Wright and his label 2MR, takes on remix duties for ‘Dissipate’ and delivers a beautiful piece of music that easily outshines everything you’ve heard lately when it comes to electronic music with a touch of singing. Simonetti’s remix starts with muttering chords before introducing Night Giants’ vocal for the first time, which adds warmth to the rough and darkly kept instrumental and therefore creates a melancholy. The remix then unfolds its dance floor potential as Simonetti adds more complex and multi tonal synth melodies as well as a clap so his remix work gains even more drive before the vocal gets some space for itself and the listener is introduced to the acid-influenced last part of the track.

Night Giants’ EP ‘Hold On Tight’ will be released on Sprechen on June 3rd, 2019.

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