EXCLUSIVE Speaking In Tongues ‘Eraser (Zombies In Miami Remix)’ [microCastle]

With almost five months into 2019 and Canadian label microCastle is ready to release its second huge EP, ‘Sabbath’ of the year by Speaking In Tongues. Aside from three original tracks, ‘Sabbath’, ‘Mood Swing’ and ‘Eraser’, the two lastly mentioned tracks are provided with remixes from Mathias Schober and in-demand duo Zombies In Miami, who are currently on fire and sprinkled their magical music on labels such as Correspondant, Cin Cin, Permanent Vacation or Love On The Rocks. It’s their versatility and ability to combine soundscapes and elements from different genres in one track – namely techno, rock, disco and indie-dance. With their remix for ‘Eraser’ Canibal and Jenice alias Zombies In Miami deliver a mind-twisting take, fully focussing on creaking synth-sounds accompanied with spheric multi-tonal chords and topped with a disco-ish seeming semi-tonality or simple said some easy tones that add even more drive to the track but are also used as a counterpart to the aforementioned soundscapes. The result is an interaction of feelings, of slowing things down before being pulled out of the spheric comfort zone to the dance floor.

Speaking In Tongues EP ‘Sabbath‘ will be out on microCastle May 3rd, 2019.

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