EXCLUSIVE Avidus ‘Engarde (Aera Remix)’ [Hommage]

Kiel based producer duo Avidus is ready to release its ‘Engarde’ EP on Hommage. The four tracker comes with two original tracks, ‘Engarde’ and ‘Medea’, and two remixes, one for each of the original takes, by Reboot and Aera. Latter takes on remix duties for the EP’s title track and slows the cut down by five beats per minute. What does not sound like much of a change regarding the speed of the track, has quite an impact on the overall vibe. Therefore Aera adds a percussion substructure giving the slowed down synth-chords the needed drive from start to finish. As a side-effect the disco-ish influenced vibe and elements, mainly at the beginning of the track, when they are most present, cover the feeling as if the ‘Soul Train’ has gone techno and take up pace before the lead-melody unfolds its hypnotic character by firstly changing the tonality of it over the course of the track and secondly by adding spheric soundscapes. The result is a mental Aera rework that either works in dark underground clubs or moves the masses during the outdoor festival season.

Avidus’ EP ‘Engarde‘ will be released on Hommage May 3rd, 2019.

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